Blue (blue_rampion) wrote in reanimorphs,

Series Read-through: The Visitor (Spoiler Free)

"If someone told you Earth was under a secret invasion, what would you think? Rachel had a hard time believing it, even after she and her friends saw what they saw - and received an incredible power. The power to become any animal they touch.

Rachel knew they were in danger form the start, so when it's suggested that they use their new powers to spy on one of their enemies, she rises to the challenge. But when she discovers what they'll have to do to win, will it be more than Rachel can handle?"

[This is the spoiler free discussion post for this book! If you want to see the spoilery version, head over to here for the one at animorphs. But that link WILL have spoilers for the whole series, so click at your own risk!]
Tags: book: 02 (the visitor), series read-through
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