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Welcome to reanimorphs!

Hello everyone! Welcome to reanimorphs, the community for new readers discussing Animorphs! This community has been specifically created to be a welcoming, spoiler-free zone for new readers, so we have a few grounds rules:

- No spoilers for books that have not yet been rereleased
- Please put a spoiler tag up for entries with spoilers for any of the books you've read, and put them behind an lj-cut in your entry.
- Be courteous to other posters and have fun!
- If you see any of these rules being violated, feel free to send a PM or comment to lisacharly. I can't see everything that happens on the comm, so please report any abuse and I'll deal with it as soon as possible.

Our sister community is animorphs. Please be warned that there are spoilers there!

Everyone please introduce yourselves here or in separate entries!
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