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The New Animorphs Readers Community
Who are we?
We are fans of Animorphs, a children's sci-fi series about a group of kids who can morph into any animal they can touch and must use these abilities to fight the Yeerks - parasitic aliens that are secretly invading earth and plan to make all of humanity into their slaves. Originally published in 1996 - 2001 and written by K.A. Applegate & Michael Grant (under K.A. Applegate's name), the series is being republished in 2011.

If you love Animorphs, or want to find out more about the series - great! This is the place for you. Feel free to introduce yourself, join in our frequent discussions, post fan fic or art, or just chat about anything Animorphs related!

[community profile] reanimorphs is specifically designed to be a spoiler free community - here, you won't need to worry about learning what happens in future books when you didn't want to. But if you don't mind spoilers, you can also pop over to [community profile] animorphs, our sister community (but we hope you'll hang out here too!).

(please note that these links may contain unmarked spoilers)

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Community guidelines:
  • All references to future books that haven't been republished (and books which haven't been published for at least a month) must be marked as a spoiler and hidden behind an lj-cut. Please do not include spoilers in the comments of any posts, unless the main post has already been marked for spoilers.
  • Respect the other members of the community
  • Lively discussions and intelligent arguments are encouraged, as long as they are related to Animorphs and don't get too aggressive
  • Always use an lj-cut to hide posts which are long, contain images, or potentially offensive material. For any explicit or adult material, please also lock the post and include clear warnings
  • As a courtesy, include a rating for all fan fiction
  • Please use good spelling and punctuation (But, be respectful of people who have problems with spelling)
Have a question about the rules or the community? PM Lisa!